If I Were Getting Married In Yorkshire…

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

…I would have the following suppliers to make my day wonderful, unique and fabulous. I often think about “doing my wedding over” and how it would be different. It’s the same groom of course. 

First of all, the venue

Harewood House

HazelWood Castle

Castle Howard

The dress would most definitely be from Dresses at Number 9

My headpiece would be from Jane at HF Couture 

The flowers would be by Leafy Couture

My photographer would be James Melia or Cat Hepple

Stationery by I am Nat

My cake would be by my uncle (Lincolnshire is close enough)

And I would have my original wedding band Maslow because they were outstanding.

On writing this post I realised there was so much to choose from. Yorkshire is filled to the brim with fantastic suppliers for any type of wedding and it would be a wonderful place to get married. After all, everyone loves plentiful green landscapes of rolling hills. Flat-caps and whippets are optional.

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