I Didn’t Know You Can Read

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

The title is not meant to be facetious, it is a quote from one of my favourite films. Do you know which one? (Elizabeth if you are reading this you are not allowed to take part). An honourary mention in my next blog post if you get it right. 

I love books, I love the smell of new text books and the feel of old ones. I wish I had had some at my wedding, alas, I shall just throw this idea on to any discerning bride in the hope that she puts a literary note on her day. 

We have some exciting news in the Miller household as of this afternoon, I can’t share yet, but I shall, and it is worth the wait.

So what is your favourite book? And do you often have hydrangeas on your bedside table? 



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bigblondewedding //

I love reading! I have just been given a Kindle, but whilst it's great for the Tube and travel, it'll never replace my 'real books'. There's something great about sitting on the window seat with a book and a cuppa, particularly if it's raining outside, warm inside!

I couldn't pick a favourite book – there's too many fabulous books. I have a fondness for classics though.

I'm having hydrangeas for my bridesmaids bouquets 🙂

Can't wait to hear your news!!