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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
Mr Michael Miller

Tomorrow’s post will feature my other half. He will be expressing his views on marriage, his feelings before and after the wedding and things that he thinks the groom should (and should not!) be involved in when it comes to the planning.

As you know, I always do a “Quick Q & A” after guest posts. I shall endeavor to answer them how I think Michael will. As we have been together for over five years, you would think this would be easy…
A Quick Q & A
Favourite Colour – Blue
Favourite Film – He will find it hard to choose, but perhaps Lord of The Rings?

Favourite Song – Something lame by The Fray

Favourite Month – It better be November

Favourite Drink – Mojito

Favourite Food – Steak

Favourite Word – Awesome? He uses it a lot.

Favourite Perfume – Ralph Lauren Black

Favourite Book – The Japanese One, Shotgun or something

Favourite Quote – The one about respect. I don’t know it verbatim

Feel free to play this game at home, although you may not blame me for the consequences.

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