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It’s the little things in life that make me smile. Last night Michael asked me what three things make me happy. At the time I could only come up with puppies (he wasn’t surprised either). Although most of my happiness stems from making other people happy, if I were going to be totally materialistic about it then the following things are bringing a lot of happiness into my life right now. And, they can all be bought. Win. 
Bought for me by my best friend (The Independent seal of approval)

The Goddess Experience – Gisele Scanlon

Lily of the Valley and Tulips from Miss P

The smell of spring in the air

A cup of tea

So what’s currently making you happy? And it has to be something that can be bought. Lets live in the shallow end for a while. 


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Wedding Sparrow //

My top three would have to be:
– a cup of tea (achievable)
– a Smythson leather wedding planner (a luxury)
– a winning lottery ticket (unlikely)