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I have lots of lady love for Penny, not only is she a talented photographer, lover of vintage treasures and upcycling, she is so passionate about the wedding industry that she is also at the forefront of The Any Campaign. JunkShopBride is full of treasures, beautiful images and fascinating finds, hours have been spent scrolling through Penny’s unique ideas and creativity. Fabulous ideas for DIY brides.

Credited on JunkShopBride
Name: Penny

Business: Bit of information on what you do etc?

Currently loving my job as a wedding, portrait & commercial photographer alongside my gorgeous other half Martin AKA Tino&Pip Photography! We love to keep busy and have loads of fab projects on the go: Junk Shop Bride– just for fun and for our love of one-of-kind treasures, The Any Campaign– campaigning to legalise marriage anytime anywhere in England & Wales, as well as a little web design on the side! Busy-bees!

Credited on JunkShopBride
Where do you get your inspiration from for Junk Shop Bride?:

When we moved into our new flat, we spent many a day hunting for vintage/retro pieces to decorate and furnish our new home. We even upcycled a lot of our existing bits to fit in with our new theme. Everywhere we turned we saw some of the most fabulous treasures perfect for the truly unique wedding and I just had to gather up all those ideas and document them, and how better to do so than on a blog?!

Credited on JunkShopBride

Credited on JunkShopBride

A Quick Q & A

Favourite Colour: Teal

Favourite Film: After debating this one for ages I decided that I don’t have a single favourite!

Favourite Song: Hallelujah, Jeff Buckley

Favourite Month: August

Favourite Drink: Baileys

Favourite Food: Nutella

Favourite Word: Flibbertigibbet – A Middle English word referring to a flighty or whimsical person, usually a young woman (Wikipedia) 

Favourite Book: The Hungry Caterpillar

Favourite Quote from a Film: “Today my brother stood up and fought for his country. What did I do? I made a papier mâché lobster head.” (Love Actually)


Tino And Pip Photography

Tino And Pip Photography

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reuse ♥ restore ♥ create ♥ cherish

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