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I have the pleasure once again in showing just how talented Joanne of Vintage Twee is. She has realease her Sweet Nothings notecards. Not only would these be perfect dotted around the house on Valentines Day, but imagine finding these the night before or the morning of your wedding? Each notecard says something different…’What I love most about you is…’ ‘My favourite part of your body is…….because….’ ‘Our most memorable outing together was…’ ‘……….always reminds me of you’

The cards are presented in a beautiful handmade wallet, embellished with pearl and satin hearts, vintage lace and music sheets and the words: ‘sweet nothings’. The wallet has a crimson red ribbon tied in a bow at the side. The cards also come complete with four gold envelopes, hand stamped with a vintage rose in the corner. How beautiful! You can find the notecards on Joannes Etsy shop. If you would like my address to send these to me, just ask!
Name: Joanne Linder 
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vintagetwee
Website: www.vintagetwee.com
Biography: A little bit about you, your history, how you got into bespoke design.
My name is Joanne, I’m 27 years old and I am the owner of Vintage Twee.  I hand craft vintage inspired favours and table décor for special occasions such as parties, weddings and showers, specialising in vintage, tea party and English garden themed events.
I have always loved to create since being a child yet never pursued a career in art but have always, always wanted to do something about it. I took a short career break to embark on a trip to America and it was there that I rediscovered my true calling in life and I reignited my desire to create. Whilst over there, my partner introduced me to the wonderful world of antique and paper fairs and I started to collect vintage items such as pieces of lace, old jewellery and romantic postcard imagery and love letters. I slowly began to put them together to create gift boxes and other decorative items for the home and dining room. I am also obsessed with the concept of afternoon tea and decided to combine my British heritage, creative ambition and appreciation of lovely things to create Vintage Twee! 
What is the background of you and your business?
I currently live in Manchester, England yet source my supplies from a multitude of places including vintage clothes fairs, charity shops, antique and paper fairs to name but a few! All of my items are handmade to order using the materials I have discovered so each client I work with will have something beautiful and unique for their special occasion.

I aim to breathe new life in to vintage materials where possible, using items such as genuine vintage lace, pearls, jewels and music sheets to add authenticity to each creation. Each embellishment I source holds a story of its own and the fact they are steeped in history just adds to their appeal.

Where do you get your inspiration from:
I get my inspiration from a number of sources, mainly vintage images or ephemera I find, literature pieces, quotes and memories from my childhood. I was inspired to create my English Afternoon Tea Recipe Cards from memories of visiting my Great Auntie Edith in Yorkshire (who is now 91 years old!). I used to help her prepare the antique tea trolley with her fresh scones, jam tarts, cakes and sandwiches and wheel it into the lounge to serve my family! Auntie Edith made the most amazing cakes and is unable to bake now so I thought it would be nice to include these in my bundles of recipe cards for other people to enjoy. I also get all my ideas at night which has led to severe sleep deprivation since starting Vintage Twee!
How long does the average piece take to make:
Most of my items take between 10-20 minutes per piece to make, depending on the level of intricacy involved! If I’m starting a new piece though, it can take me an hour or two to ponder on how I want it to look and even then I might make more changes until it’s perfect. I cant leave something unfinished though and will keep going on it until it’s exactly how I imagined!
A Quick Q & A
Favourite Colour:
Rose Pink
Favourite Film:
Ghost (I know, shocking but true)
Favourite Song:
Count on Me, Whitney Houston
Favourite Month:
I like May, perhaps its the lure of the beginning of afternoon tea party season…
Favourite Drink:
Baileys – yum.
Favourite Food:
Scones, jam and clotted cream!
Favourite Word:
Favourite Perfume:
Love the new Gucci Guilty and also Turquatic by Mac.
Favourite Book:
Tooth Fairy, Audrey Wood – you didn’t say we couldn’t have children’s books?! 🙂
Favourite Quote from a Film:
‘Life is full of interruptions and complications’
Karl, Love Actually
Noun. Pl. sweet nothings – endearments addressed to a loved one; inconsequential expressions of affection’
Joanne’s Etsy Shop is here

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