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I have always enjoyed the fact that everyone is unique (or at least strive to be), but it got me wondering where we get our inspiration and ideas from. I knew for my wedding that I wanted a very mute palette, in fact that’s what I wear from day to day. I wanted splashes of purple and blues but all in all, a quiet colour affair.

As I was unpacking a few days ago, I got to the book box. Its filled to the brim with antique finds, not all in English (but they look pretty) and then my childhood books. I flicked through some of my AA Milne, then got to Beatrix Potter and realised that all the colours in her images were my exact colour scheme.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it? I thought I was choosing my colours because I was going for unique and sumptuously stylish…alas, Beatrix beat me to it over one hundred years prior.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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