On The Day That Should Have Been

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I wished for snow on my wedding day, the following Saturday it snowed, and snowed and snowed some more, and I was so grateful that I had none. A bride can try and control as much as she pleases for her wedding day, but the weather most definitely is not one. Halkina and Richard’s day was meant to be captured on the 4
th of December by a talented new photographer Lee Mitchell. Due to the snow th

ey had to postpone it, thankfully they were able to rearrange everything for the following week (bloody lucky!!) and had Lee photograph some of the scenery on the ‘day th

at should have been’ along with the actual wedding. The photos were taken in Roundhay Park, and at St Edmunds Church, Roundhay.

Name: Lee Mitchell

Twitter: @lmxcreative

Well I’ve only been in the wedding industry for a few months and I’m originally from a very different background. After leaving school I started a career in surveying, and after becoming qualified I started working on a surveying job for a major client of the company I worked for. This lead to a surprising change of career to IT. It was completely unexpected, but I went with it and was developing applications for use by surveying and other construction industry teams across the country for over ten years, eventually running the software development team.


I first got into photography when my daughter was born. As so many parents do, Iwanted to record every stage of her life as she grew, not only to remember for myself, but also to show her as she gets older, and remind her of the things she used to do. I started the same way most people do, with a little point and shoot camera that I could take reasonable photos with, but after a few months I started to want better photos, photos that had that bit extra, and so I bought a decent camera and started to learn new techniques. Before long, the hobby was getting far more serious, with established photographers being sufficiently impressed with my work for me to consider making a living from it.


Since then I’ve made a few major changes in my life, and setting up my own photography business has been one of the more frightening ones. Thankfully, working with the kind of people I’ve come across so far, has made the move a very pleasant experience, and hopefully it has been even more pleasant for them!

My personal approach, is to deliver a reportage style, mixed with a few more traditional posed shots, because it gives a more natural and relaxed look to the photographs, and leaves you to just get on with enjoying yourselves, while also getting the posed shots that so many parents like. But one of the most important things for any photographer to do, is to make sure that they help everybody enjoy the day, rather than making them nervous. Havinga good sense of humour goes a long way to getting people to relax, so I try to make sure we all have fun, even doing the posed shots.


Advice for nervous brides about having their photo taken all day?

Just have fun! It’s your day, and all the photographer is there to do, is to get a record of you enjoying yourselves on your special day. I hear far too many brides saying that they were worrying so much about everything going smoothly, that they didn’t get a chance to enjoy it all, so just let things happen, it’ll all be fine and you’ll hardly notice the photographer’s there at all.

It helps if you can get to know the photographer before your big day, which is why I include an engagement/pre-wedding shoot for all my couples. It just makes it that bit easier for you to get used to having your photograph taken, and the way that the photographer works. Then when you do get to the wedding, you know exactly what to expect and it isn’t a complete stranger behind that huge camera.


A Quick Q&A

Favourite Colour: Burgundy

Favourite Film: The Godfather

Favourite Song: I like pretty much all music, everything from Mozart to Swedish House Mafia (this is starting to sound like I have a mafia obsession!), but I think my favourite is probably Back in the USSR by The Beatles. It just reminds me of being in the car, going on holiday with my parents when I was about 5 or 6.

Favourite Month: June, my daughter’s birthday and we always have a great time!

Favourite Drink: Irn Bru, because it’s made in Scotland from girders, and I love Scotland! 😉

Favourite Food: Pretty much anything spicy, my wife’s convinced that I don’t have any taste buds.

Favourite Word: Fantastic! Both my favourite and least favourite word right now. You know that feeling you get when you hear yourself speaking, you say something, then immediately think “I’m using that word FAR too often”? That’s how I’ve been for the past couple of weeks!

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