A Very Royal Blue Christmas List

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

I know I have featured blue and peacocks before (here and here) but its a specific shade of blue, so completely different and totally relevant.

After tracking down Kate Middleton’s beautiful blue engagement announcement dress I remember how much I adore the colour! I was initially going to have my bridesmaids in a deep, warm blue but they turned it down at our first wedding meeting.

Pictured is THE dress, designed by Issa. It has been out of stock on net a porter since the announcement. So, I thought perhaps Father Christmas could buy me something else? And not the Tesco “Kate” dress nor the replica ring (here and here)…why oh why?! This colour would look wonderful on bridesmaids, with the bride carrying this peacock feather bouquet. Non?

Coming up on my blog, I feature three beautiful brides to be. And as I set out into the wedding business world, I look at some of Yorkshire’s finest wedding suppliers.

PS – I know it isn’t blue, but I also want one for christmas. Forgive me.

Dress, earrings – www.netaporter.com
Rings – www.tiffany.com
Handbag – www.harrods.com

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