How To Chose Your Entourage

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

There was no question when I got engaged that my best friend would be my chief bridesmaid. My sister understood, she stole my Barbies, make-up and clothes for 15 years, therefore she no longer qualified.

My best friend of 19 years shot-gunned the role a decade ago, we planned our engagement rings, our weddings and even our prospective husbands. And even though I am not marrying a Gucci modeling doctor with a south african accent with a penchant for cookery, dog walking and fine art (the list did go on), my choice of chief bridesmaid remains the same. She is my constant. And I love her.

As for the rest of my entourage, I have my sister, two close friends and two cousins as flower girls. It is important to surround yourself with people you will be able to trust not just on the day, but the lead up to the wedding too. My crew have been indispensable. Make sure you pick the same!

L-R my sister, my best friend, me, bridesmaid (other one was in Oz)

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