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To me, my dream wedding would not have been complete if it wasn’t in a church. Im not particularly religious, and I am not getting married in a church for the grandeur.

When I was younger, I remember being in my bedroom and hearing the bells ringing out on a Saturday. When we went in to town later on, I would go to the church in the hopes of seeing the bride, but in failing that I would pick up all the bits of confetti.
At that age, the church seemed imposing and almost intimidating. But I was drawn to it, and I still feel like that now. I am looking forward to arriving at the church, and after all the guests have left the graveyard and the bells have stopped ringing, hoping that some young girl will be picking up my confetti whilst dreaming of her perfect wedding day.

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Liberty :) //

This is exactly why I wanted a church wedding. There was a "watcher" at our wedding who brought a child and she told her "you'll be like that one day getting married". I nearly burst into tears because I remember me being the small child once upon a time!