What I would have done differently | uk wedding blog

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This time 6 years ago I was in the final stages of my wedding planning. I feel like I was quite a laid back bride, I knew what I wanted and I knew it was all going to come together. I had my own struggles but apart from that it was the usual issues, errant suppliers, lacklustre groom, bridesmaids across the world. But looking back, if I were to get married tomorrow I would do a lot quite differently. Working in the industry is a blessing and a curse, I am surrounded by so many amazing suppliers and endless inspiration that I worry I wouldn’t be able to plan a wedding at all but I know it would be insanely beautiful. I also think this is the first time I have shared my own wedding images, I have included the types of images that would usually get left out of a blog post (not on SYGM!), sad because they are often my favourites.

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a pretty coral and salmon pink wedding in Rutland | uk wedding blog

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Morning all! Rachel and Rob’s “how they met” story is lovely so I have included that below. Sometimes a wedding comes along (and whilst it is pretty) it has a lot of substance to it too, this is one of those weddings. I know what it’s like to plan a wedding with certain limitations and I understand how extra stressful it can make things, it is lovely finding suppliers that get that, and work with you to make the day as easy as possible. This wedding is also extra special because it took place near my hometown. I also went to school with the brides cousin, so all in all, it was always going to be a yes from SYGM. There are so many special moments in this wedding but Rachel’s dad, Rachel’s face as she walks down the aisle and then the picture of Rob looking at her got me right in the feels. This is what it is all about folks.

photography | Lizzie Adams – Shoot It Momma

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The Weekend Edit #47 – The One with The Kitchen | uk wedding blog

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kitchen decor

Well we made it. We have a kitchen! This was THE week. D-Day. K-Day? The culmination of stress, blood, sweat and tears. We were already behind schedule and I had invited 20 0dd people to a kitchen warming on the Saturday thinking I would have had a week to plan, and prepare the house. They did the last bit of work on Friday afternoon. Friday night and Saturday morning were manic as hell but Sunday…Sunday was bliss. The kitchen is beautiful, as we have used it over the last couple of days we have noticed a few snags but the fitters are coming back to do a final whip round of touch ups. I need to put my clock and copper pots back on the wall but apart from that…it’s done! What will I blog about now?!

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7 Weeks to go! | UK Wedding Blog


So we’re now 7 weeks away from the big day and it’s all starting to feel so real and exciting! As we got engaged a year and a half ago, I remember booking our venue and thinking how far away it was; it definitely didn’t seem real until about a month ago. But honestly, time has absolutely flown by, and as we enter the final two months of wedding plans, it seems like everything has picked up again.

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5 Of The Best Ways To Remove Your Makeup Properly |UK Wedding Blog


So to begin – here is a list of things you will not see in this post – face wipes, baby wipes, baby lotion, vaseline, water, a bar of soap, mouthwash, vodka or TCP (seriously, I’ve heard it all).

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thirty under thirty #75 – welcome to Autumn | uk wedding blog

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I think we can safely call this the forest green and maroon edition. There’s not much in the way of new house stuff at the moment but there has definitely been an influx of new autumn clothing. For me, it is all about the colours. I love the rich rusty, earthy tones Autumn clothing brings. Not that I rarely veer from my black on black but I like to look. I wonder if you can help me, I am looking for the perfect set of flannel pyjamas? Really want the velvet pumps but just not practical? Would quite like that in a sofa though…Read More

Date Night Inspiration with Mr & Mrs Smith | UK WEDDING BLOG

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Hello! Rebecca here, longg time no speak. It’s been a busy summer for me house renovating but I haven’t forgotten about you. In fact we have some very exciting honeymoon inspiration posts coming up over the next few weeks. All will be revealed shortly. But in the meantime I’m going to pass you over to Mr & Mrs Smith today for some very glamorous date night ideas across the globe. If there’s anybody that knows romance, it’s Mr & Mrs Smith and ass the nights draw in, these all look super sultry and cosy. There’s also the chance to win £1000 in honeymoon vouchers by voting for your favourites in their 2016 hotel awards.

Whether it’s a special occasion with your other half, a long-awaited night away with your loved one or you’re dressing to impress with the girl, or guy, of your dreams, there’s no place better than a sultry little hideaway with a list of quirky cocktails to tickle your tastebuds and divulge in your desires. Where the music is whimsical, the bartender is charming and the house signature is your new favourite guilty pleasure, these bars come with conveniently placed upstairs rooms to take the after party. The Smith Awards’ Best Date-Night Bar is the definitive guide to the most deluxe drinking dens you would want to be taken on a date.

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a beautiful embellished bridal gown for a wedding in Cheshire | uk wedding blog

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Goooood morning lovely reader. Another beautiful morning, and another gorgeous wedding. This time we are in Cheshire for Matt and Jenny’s day. I have featured Styal Lodge a couple of times and I always love seeing how each couple decorate it. Matt and Jenny opted for a no-theme type wedding but had pretty pastel pink running through to tie everything together. Jenny’s pastel bridesmaids look beautiful in their dresses and Jenny herself looks stunning in her gown, wait till you see that back!

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a relaxed and pretty wedding in Surrey | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Good morning beautiful reader, how was your weekend? We have a gorgeous wedding up this morning The warming orange tones are perfect for this time of year (unless we have another heat wave next week!) and I love the choice of dark bridesmaids dresses. Hollie and Dan leave some excellent advice for you brides to be so have a read and enjoy their day. I love Jonathan’s style of photography, he is always a welcome addition to the blog.

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The Weekend Edit #47 | uk wedding blog

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Good evening! We are back to our regular schedule of Sunday night weekend edits. This week has been tiring. I am very much over the whole kitchen thing now, we were meant to be near completion last week so we could at least start putting stuff away but we aren’t. At least the floor is now in. Completion should be this Tuesday…we shall see hey? Continual takeaways/eating out/not eating due to food in/lack of fridge/microwave/toaster etc has started to take its toll on my tummy and it has really not been happy. I am so looking forward to going back to my usual diet. Read More