Beauty Favourites Friday: Make Up – Mascara | uk wedding blog

Afternoon all, I hope that you have had a lovely week. I must apologise for being quiet, I have had a tummy bug that has just wiped me out so I spent the last few days just pottering around and watching countless rubbish J-Lo films on Netflix. All seems to be better, tummy still a little sore but I am hoping it will not affect my chocolate eating on Sunday. I gave it up for lent, it wasn’t easy and I would not give it up again. Did you give up anything?

On to todays Beauty Favourite, mascara. Up until a few months ago I had been using the same mascara since 6th form, I recently switched just to try a new one, but as soon as it runs out I will be going back to my trusty favourite.  Continue reading

a beautiful maggie sottero gown and bright florals for a Hedingham Castle couple | uk wedding blog


Sorry this has taken a little while to get posted. WordPress kept sqiushing images regardless of what size they were uploaded as. But it is finally up and we can scroll through a vintage glamour essex wedding! Michelle looks every inch a glamorous princess in her Maggie Sottero gown, she unfortunately had issues with her beautiful dress and ended up spending days correcting it. The bride is a handbag designer and therefore naturally creative which helped inspire their big day.  Michelle and Graeme wanted a unique style for their day, so they incorporated all the things they love , from bright colours, traveling around the world and sparkle. Graeme visited the venue the night before and sorted all the decor, they also handmade all the stationery, decor and favours.
Michelle’s largest extravagance were the flowers, a girl after my own heart and Clare from Traditional Vintage Flower Company did a wonderful job of injecting colour and floral heavenliness.
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Beauty Favourites Friday: Make Up – Eyeliner | uk wedding blog

Oh eyeliner. How I love thee. A day has not passed since the age of 15 that it has not be lovingly smothered on my eyes. From kohl, to gel to liquid. I love it all. I feel my eyes look naked without it. Continue reading

Would you like your wedding to be Made by Niemierko? | uk wedding blog

0092 - Nikole Ramsay and Niemierko

The answer is of course yes, by the way. You may be thinking “but Mr Niemierko only does super huge 100k celeb weddings” and you would be right. But Mark has launched a new streamlined service for those on a smaller budget. You still get a wow wedding, you still get serene peace of mind, but now for less. I know that a wedding planner is not for everyone, I know that I didn’t need one, but my wedding was in my home town, I wasn’t working and I knew exactly what I wanted and well, I am quite good at getting what I want. A wedding planner takes every ounce of stress away and shows you inspirational ideas you wouldn’t even think were possible. Tweet me and let me know what you think.  Continue reading

win a personalised sign with lamplighter london | uk wedding blog


Good evening!  A change to the usual schedule tonight as I saved this to go live during my beloved #weddinghour. Chiara, from Lamplighter London, has kindly offered one of you a chance to win a personalised sign, for your wedding or your home. See the end of the post for details and how to enter! I am so so jealous, Chiara’s work is beautiful. Not only does she create beautiful wedding stationery but also gorgeous sets for personal and business use too, perfect for any event. Continue reading

[inspiration] 10 ways to add copper to your wedding | uk wedding blog


I have been obsessing over copper for a couple of years, adding a lot in to our kitchen over the last year in the form of lights, jelly moulds and utensils. Whilst my wedding metallic of choice was antique gold I think now it would be copper. I love the varying shades, from brand new bright orange to a rustic dull metal. It works perfectly in spring/summer with pastels and florals and in the depths of Autumn/Winter with berry hues and midnight blues. Here are 10 ways you can incorporate copper in to your wedding.  Continue reading

a dockyard engagement shoot in chatham | uk wedding blog


Morning! Two blog posts up today, an inspiration style post and this cute engagement shoot by the ever so wonderful James Grist on the blog today. Make sure that if your photographer offers an engagement shoot (they usually come as standard nowadays) that you take it, you may not want to, you may think you will feel super awkward but I promise that you wont, you will enjoy it and you will feel even more relaxed about having your photo taken at your wedding. Their wedding sounds like it is definitely going to be up my street, and I can’t wait to see their photos! Continue reading

an elegant nonsuch mansion wedding | uk wedding blog

J&M Wedding (nonsuch) (90 of 150)

Good morning you lovely lot. Another week, another collection of gorgeous real weddings for you to ogle over. How was your weekend? Did you win on the Grand National?I was struck down with a tummy bug on Thursday night and only just starting to feel better (Sunday) however, I managed to plough through a lot of cheesy rom-coms (thank you Netflix) and nearly finish 90210 (thank you again Netflix). I have got some exciting news to share, probably towards the end of the week when solid confirmation comes through, it’s something that I have never considered doing, but I think I would be a fool to say no.

Anywho! On to today’s wedding, it’s a goodun! Full of timeless elegance, blush and oyster colours and a beautiful Elizabeth Todd gown.

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