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Afternoon all! We are back on track with the weddings now and what a way to start. John and Emily’s wedding was done on a budget (under 6k!), but you really can’t tell. There are so many cute details, lots of DIY and a gorgggeouuus dress. Emily leaves some wonderful advice at the end of the most that you must read. Especially if you are looking to keep in your budget. What a vibrant day! Love it.

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Morning, how is it Monday again?? At least the crazy rain has finally stopped, can we have summer back now please? Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when we went to stay at the lovely Blue Door Barns? The boutique B&B with beams, barn stars and a to die for breakfast? Well there’s a post on that coming soon but for now I’d love to tell you about Blue Door Barns Events, the sister company who create the most incredible weddings. From dreamy venues set in the best British countryside to tying up the little details with a quirky charm, they can do it all with bells {or bunting!} on.

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This week has been a big fat meh. You know when your energy has been zapped, nothing interests you, and you would just like to cocoon and watch Friends? Yeah, that kind of week. Blogging can be hard, working from home can be hard, add on running a house, feeling ill, maintaining a social life, plus 2 projects I am currently working on, it can mean that sometimes the self motivation is exceptionally hard. I know I am allowed an off week. That has been my mantra for the past 7 days.  Continue reading

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A Soldier's Promise

It’s Saturday afternoon and I am sat here surrounded by wedding mags, squashed onto my sofa with my two year old dalmatian Lola (who still thinks she’s a puppy) – whilst my hubby to be is off living it up in ibiza for his stag do. A very premature stag do – a whole 9 months before the wedding! So I thought my next blog should focus a little more on us and a little less on wedmin.

Being so wrapped up in wedding planning from the flowers to hairstyles to stationery it is sometimes easy to forget what the day is really all about and that the main focus should be the marriage that you are about to enter into.

Our wedding will be a little different to most because it will be a military wedding. This doesn’t just mean he’ll wear a uniform, we’ll get a sword salute when leaving the church or our reception will be filled with drunken squaddies – marrying a soldier means embarking on a life that is far from normal.

My family moved to the North East from Warrington when I was around ten years old. My Mum and Dad made a conscious decision to pick Darlington over Richmond because Richmond is synonymous with squaddies as it is so close to Cattrick. Despite this I still managed to meet my soldier at the age of 16. And I got the exact reaction you would imagine when I told my Mum.

11 years on and we have been through things that no civilian couple could ever imagine. Six month tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan, weeks and months apart because of exercises and the worst of all the loss of a best friend.

Now I don’t claim to be a proper military wife and I probably never will be. I tried once, I moved to be near to where Wayne was stationed but it just didn’t work I needed to be near to my family and friends and have my own career. But I admire every wife that follows her man and dedicates her life to his and particularly those that have lost theirs – they are a true inspiration.

Every marriage is hard and has its challenges but the bond that Wayne and I have I can only thank or maybe hate the army for but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am so proud of him and the friends we have both made via the army are amazing. I can’t wait to marry my man in uniform.

Julia and Wayne

So with that I will leave you with this reading…

A Soldier’s Promise

“I cannot promise you every night of my life. I cannot promise to be beside you for every difficult moment, every trial, every hardship. In truth, I can promise you that I will not be with you for most. I will leave you at inconvenient times. I may miss the births of our children. Any special date to us may be tainted with the anniversary of the death of one of my friends. I will ask you to take over whatever life we have built together for months and years at a time. And will then crash back into that life that you have used your sweat and your tears and your heartache to keep together and try to take it back as I knew it before. I will shut you out at times because it will be the best way for me to hold it together at that moment. I will lie to you. I will tell you I don’t know things when I do. I will not always tell you where I am going, when I will be back, or who I am with. I may not call you for weeks and months and you will not be able to call me. You will ask questions that I won’t answer. You will know answers to questions that you will hope you never need. I will share things with my brothers that you will never understand. They will know things about me that you never will. They will be a support to me in some things that you cannot be. I will miss birthdays. I will miss anniversaries. I will have to get to know our children over and over again. I may need time to process things that seem natural to everyone else. It will seem that someone – or something – will always take precedence over you. You may lose me long before you ever thought possible. I will uproot you and ask you to re-establish our family anywhere in the world, in any season, at any time – over and over again. Sand and mud will be tracked through your halls from the boots I am too tired to take off. I will leave you when you beg me not to. I will stand at attention while you cry beside me. I will not turn my head and I will walk away. I will knowingly break your heart. And I will do it again – and again.

I cannot promise you all of me. I cannot promise that to our children. I cannot promise you much of anything.

But if you will have me, I can promise that as I march away from you it is not without sharing your heartache. I promise you that every time I break your heart I will be breaking mine. Every time that I cannot answer you I will be protecting you. Whenever you want to call and you have no number to dial I will be wanting to do the same. I will protect everything that we have created together with every fiber of my being while you do the same back at home. I will honour you in everything – every moment that we are apart and every moment that I am with you. I will fight harder and push further knowing that I do so for you. I will see the faces of our children in every life that I protect. And I will carry you with me in everything until my sandy boots once again sit just inside our door. “

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Melanie Potro in her bridal shop at the Oxo Tower overlooking the whole of London. Melanie has been a long term supporter of So You’re Getting Married for a number of years now and we adore her work. Today I’d love to give you a little look behind the scenes at how a couture wedding gown is produced, everything from the inspiration, sketches, mock ups to corsetry and fabrics. Every dress is bespoke at Potro and made to your measurements – the philosophy being that a couture gown should make you feel incredible. Continue reading

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Morning all! Couple of quick but wonderfully exciting posts today. First up is the opportunity to win tickets to the national wedding show. Simply fill out the form below, I have 10 pairs to giveaway so it is well worth entering!  Continue reading

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I think we left last week with Rebecca shacked up somewhere in Sussex and me watching Love Island? Sounds about right. Another week of wearing my glasses, but I got the all clear on Friday, corneas are allll gooood. You can tell this post is going to be allll rock and roll right?  Continue reading

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A couple of weeks ago an exciting email landed in our inbox, Save the Date for Christmas in July with The White Company. Cue our response, a big fat yes please. So last Wednesday off I went to preview the new collection and it was like I had stepped into a catalogue. There was that smell of Christmas that the White Company have bottled up to perfection – pine, eucalyptus, a little bit of gingerbread and spice when you walked in that instantly transported me to the middle of Winter. There were twinkly fairy lights, a lot of classy sparkle, linen cupboards to die for, cosy cashmere jumpers, scarves, tree decorations, wrapping, new scented candles, tableware and adorable bits for little ones.

Of course they’ve nailed it as always. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything that The White Company have produced that I don’t like. The collection will be launching in stores from October but you can sneak a peek below if you’d like and start a little wishlist. Firmly on my list would be the new Wild Blackberry candle to burn all autumn and then the little silver stars to hang on my tree. I really don’t want summer to end but at least we have all this to look forward to over the next few months.


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Afternoon, sorry for the delay on this one going up. I have been manically cleaning the house after being surprised with 3 back to back house viewings today.

Absolutely loving the decor in this wedding, especially all the jam jars, the cake and the flowers. Lots of love and thought has been put in to this and all of Nicola and Russell’s hard work definitely paid off.

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