How to pick the right Make Up Artist for your Wedding Day | UK Wedding Blog


So, you may have noticed, I’m a Make Up Artist, Hair Stylist and Beauty Specialist. I have been for coming up to 6 years now and I started getting into the Bridal world around 4/ 5 years ago. Everyone I know is now getting engaged, married or taking more of an interest in their skin care and general beauty routine than they were before which has led me to this post. I wanted to offer everyone at once a little breakdown of what to expect from their Make Up Artist, should they chose to book one. Whilst I’d love it if you all rushed to book me at once, if that’s not the case then here’s a little advice on what to expect from the artist you are booking.

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What your bridesmaids will be wearing this year – Twobirds Bridesmaids new Tulle collection | uk wedding blog


Afternoon! Today we are having a look at the new twobirds Bridemaids collection, now I know you will have seen the image spread across your social media for the last few weeks and you’re all like “Hey Phoebe, why you just blogging this now?”. Good question beautiful reader. I just wanted to make sure you had seen them because I think this new collection is stunning. The tulle is so soft and delicate and the colour choices will work so well with a multitude of colour palettes. You can still wrap these dresses many a different way to suit your ladies differing shapes and sizes. And my favourite? I think the black actually! (I know, not a pastel shade for once) Also, hello hair inspo!

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thirty under thirty #31 | uk wedding blog



Oh hello, what’s this? Actual colour and lack of pastels…why yes! Thought it was time I slowly braved out of my muted safety zone. I have also chosen the winner of last weeks competition. Its all a go go!  Continue reading

a gorgeous Yorkshire wedding with a pretty Diana Harbridge gown| uk wedding blog


Well, if you follow me on social media, you will have seen me excitedly share a sneak peek from this wedding. It involved a dog and I got a little excited about it. I am still ALL OVER dogs at weddings, I can’t get enough of them. I think it is because I am just unbelievable jealous, I would have loved Atticus at our wedding but a) we didn’t have him b) he most likely would have pooed in the middle of the ceremony floor. Without at doubt.

Anyyywhooo. Less poo more weddings. This one is a beauty, from the most creative photography Yorkshire duo Kelly and Paul. I adore Lauren’s choice of dress, it really suits her. I hope you have a lovely Wednesday. Make sure you leave some love!

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Learn Modern Calligraphy with Quill

Modern calligraphy is a real art and something I’ve been swooning over for a while now. In our digital world of emails, texts and tweets putting pen to paper and writing beautifully is underrated. Learning how to do myself has been on my wish list so when I had the chance to attend a workshop hosted by Quill – an online store dedicated to seriously stylish stationery – I jumped at the offer! Beautiful writing will take you far in life, whether it’s for addressing your wedding invitations or just a love of pretty stationery it’s a skill that is well worth learning.  Continue reading

A Justin Alexander gown for a wedding at Kent Cricket Club | uk wedding blog


Morning, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful shoot that was on the blog yesterday? I have just got in from a lovely sunny dog walk and I am now watching the new Louis Theroux series whilst finishing adding images to this post.

If you or your other half like cricket then why wouldn’t you want to get married at a cricket club?! I have to say that my favourite image in this set is one gentleman who has set up a sneaky phone with rugby on at the table!

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springtime floral and food heaven inspiration with a Claire Pettibone gown | uk wedding blog

Good morning!! I hope you had a lovely and relaxing weekend? Mine was fun, had a film night on Friday. I was out on Saturday (sorry if you follow me on snapchat). On Sunday I nursed a hangover, ate a burrito (plus 2 bags of mini eggs *cough* and a Chinese *cough* ) and started watching Fortitude. So far soooo good.

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of an absolute dream team. Bursting full of fresh spring time beauty, from the Claire Pettibone dress, down to the incredible cheese selection from Kalm Kitchen. This really is a must see! Can you even pick a favourite part? Oh did I mention the butterflies…?

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The seven month itch | uk wedding blog

Wedding countdown

They call seven years of marriage the seven year itch but I’ve come to realise this can also be applied to the wedding planning process.

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SYGM Loves: The Wedding Garter Co | uk wedding blog

wedding garters

Afternoon! We are taking a quick little look at wedding garters today! It was something I genuinely didn’t even think about until I was collecting my dress and they asked if I had one, I picked out the least tacky looking one and I didn’t actually wear it on the day! Had I known you could have got some super beautiful ones then I most definitely would have worn one with pride! The Wedding Garter Co answer all of our garter woes with a gorgeous selection, and something you will actually treasure and pass on as a something borrowed/blue to your best friend or daughter.

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Planning a wedding without losing your mind

Hello all, I hope you’ve had a good week. Apologies for the delay in my most recent blog post – I’ve had a very busy week involving my birthday, giving student lectures and a hectic business trip to Sweden…aaaand breathe!!
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