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HAPPINESS-SET-SMALL-LRHello!!! It is September!!! Does this excite you as much as it does me? We have got some fun things planned for the coming months, which involved lots of giveaways, tonnes of inspiration and the occasional video. I recorded my August favourites yesterday, which I will edit and get up within the next few days.

Ok, so. This is exciting. Neom Organics is one of my faves, and Jenny Packham, well, you know how I feel about the bridal goddess. A collab between the two was always going to be magical. I think that wedding day scent is something that can often be overlooked. The idea of having a scent that reminds you of your wedding day in 10, 20 years time is so alluring but something I totally overlooked when planning. I wish I had chosen and lit some scented candles when I was getting ready but I didn’t spend that much time in the house as I went to the hairdressers salon for my hair, and my make up artists house to get all done up. I really only had about 30-40 mins at mine for peanut butter on toast and champagne. Is this something you have thought about? I think one of these would be perfection! They are available to buy now, links are below.

A rich and heady scent blended with spicy notes of ultra-relaxing lavender, jasmine & Brazilian rosewood essential oils. This exclusive  candle design was inspired by the character of a classic Film Noir  heroine. A genre of films in the early 1940’s often shot in black  and white, the leading lady was always bewitchingly beautiful,  independent and enticing. This strong 18 carat gold design against a  noir backdrop is bold and glamorous, evocative of the spirit of our  heroine.

An elegant and sparkling scent blended from the purest essential  oils of white neroli, mimosa flowers and lemon. This exclusive  candle design – an ornate 18 carat gold bugle bead pattern on ivory,  is inspired by the delicate embellishment and beading synonymous with Jenny’s signature bridal gowns. The Neom Organics designed by  Jenny Packham Happiness candle creates a blissfully uplifting mood  to accompany a special moment.
HAPPINESS-LARGE-SET-LR“We chose to collaborate with Jenny Packham not just because she designs the most inspiringly beautiful dresses in  the world, but because of the way the dresses make you feel. A precious moment of utter luxury, this is the synergy of Jenny Packham and Neom”. Nicola Elliott, Neom Organics

REAL-LUXURY-SET-SMALL-LR[2]“I’m a huge believer that scent is linked to mood and I think we all associate certain scents with certain memories. I  found it impossible to choose just one Neom candle: I am drawn to the light elegance of the Happiness scent, but  equally seduced by the rich, heady glamour of Real Luxury. Each scent befits a mood and a moment. I love both, as I  think many women would.” Jenny Packham

Created in two sizes: Ultimate £295 (2000g candle) 150 hour burn time. Luxury £80 (390g candle) 50 hour burn time.  Jenny Packham for Neom candles will be available to buy at, and leading
International retailers from September.

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Happy weekend!!! After breaking photoshop, which I have no hopefully fixed I am playing catch up. After this post is written up I will flip back to Thursday’s Thirty Under Thirty and finishing adding prices in to that THEN I am going to film August’s favourites. I have just finished a rather large plate of american pancakes with rose and cardamom berry compote. Twas delicious. See instagram. I think I may take a walk to fetch the paper and perhaps treat myself to a couple of new candles, eat cake, pick Atticus up from the groomer then attempt to tidy underneath the bed in the main bedroom. Do you keep lots of secret crap under there too? Please say yes. Hope your weekend is looking good.  Continue reading

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My oh my. I am very grateful it’s Friday. I am currently battling with photoshop which has decided it wants to add CMYK to all of my projects just as I was uploading yesterdays Thirty Under Thirty. Before turning off my laptop and putting it on the naughty step I thought I would try to get a beauty post up. I am typing this up whilst eating chocolate fingers which is alleviating my frustration immensely. Who doesn’t love beauty and chocolate?! If you have any specific beauty questions please leave a comment or email me phoebe(at) and I will pass them over to the experts to answer for you.  Continue reading

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jessica reeve photography, north west wedding photographer_0144

Good morning!! Did you watch Don’t Tell The Bride last night? It was brilliant in an awful car crash TV kind of way. It was Harry Potter themed which I thought couldn’t be made awful but you’ll see. Look out for Liam. And on to today! We have some gorgeous inspiration to feast our eyes on, styled by Aspire Photography Training and featuring Claire Pettibone, things are always going to be stunning right? Also the vintage caravan featured is none other than Matt Bowen‘s AKA our resident Groom Blogger!

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a beautiful wedding with winter mojitos and birdhouses | uk wedding blog


Morning! Did you have a good bank holiday? It was rather wet and grey up here, but we had an enjoyable time nonetheless. Did you see this wedding on the blog yesterday? I have kind of fallen in love with blue suits lately, and this handsome groom’s is no exception. And don’t worry, here is a recipe for winter mojitos.

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Good morning and merry bank holiday Monday! Out of all the gorgeous images in this wedding (and there are A LOT) I am not sure why I chose the above one as the main picture  but I have. 10 SYGM points if you can name the JP gown from that though.

I don’t usually use the opening paragraph to write much as I like all the images and the couple to do the talking but I wanted to take a little bit of your time just to check in with you I guess. Continue reading

[ 23/8 The Weekend Edit ] | uk wedding blog


Morning! oh hellllsss yes to a bank holiday. What have you got planned? I think we are going to spend it quite traditionally; gardening, eating and DIYing. Have you watched Chef yet? Currently obsessed with this colour nail polish and eating these. Hashtag clean eating. Have you been following my Great British Bake Off attempts? The florentines and ciabatta have been abysmal. You can follow it all on a Wednesday afternoon on social media the hashtag is #sygmdoesgbbo. I would also love you to join in, come fail with me. This coming weeks technical is Tiramisu. Something I really hate.  Continue reading

the one where the bride made her own dress | uk wedding blog

Reeves Wedding-708

The best bit of my job is definitely wedding submissions. Seeing so many different, beautiful wedding days makes my heart sing but there is a moment better than that. When a bride/reader submits their own wedding there is no greater feeling. Especially when the wedding is exceptionally gorgeous. Katie made her, and her bridesmaid dresses, in fact the whole day is heavy in DIY and excellent inspiration for you keen DIYers. I love this wedding, thank you so much for submitting it!!

Photography by Chris Milner

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a heartfelt 1930s inspired vintage wedding | uk wedding blog


I can never turn down the opportunity to choose the confetti shot as the main image. It is always one of my favourites. Hannah’s Sottero and Midgley gown looks so so incredible on her, it hangs perfectly and I think she really encapsulates what all ladies would like to look like on their wedding day. I think the way they honour loved ones that couldn’t be there is simply love, and a little tear jerker. Also, Hannah’s Dad when she gets to the end of the aisle, oh I was weepy. Hannah and Ross have supplied so much info, tips and tricks so sit down, get some tea and enjoy!

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Well isn’t this a beautiful way to kick off the week? When Amy of Amaranthyne Weddings and Events submitted this beautiful shoot to me I fell in love with the old tree used in the photos. It is always so wonderful to see good old mother nature utilised in weddings (and shoots). I also am coveting buttons. I wish my dress had had more buttons, it was something that my wedding scrapbook was full of but when I came to try dresses on I don’t think they looked right on my bottom, or maybe I just couldn’t pull them off like the beautiful Becky!

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