welcome to #SYGMchristmas – day one | uk wedding blog

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It is here! After Married May went down so well I decided that I’d love to do something around Christmas as it is my favourite time of year. As I work from home, I don’t really have colleagues, I don’t have a lunch break to catch up on gossip and it can get quite lonely, I kind of consider all of you my colleagues and friends so I thought we could share the run up to Christmas together? Read More

a relaxed, rustic and floral filled wedding in Kent | uk wedding blog

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Another day, another beautiful wedding! Laura chose a stunning beaded gown and Rich wore an exceptionally smart blue suit (enjoying their increased popularity this year). I love the relaxed informal nature of their day, mix that with lots of flowers and rustic loveliness and you have a very pretty wedding indeed. It was quite apt the wedding took place in the ‘Garden of England’ as Laura’s mother grew the wedding flowers for the wedding!

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a gorgeous rustic wedding at Gaynes Park | uk wedding blog

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Good morning! The wedding industry is weird, it follows seasons, but content wise bloggers tend not to because we are aware that in winter you’re probably planning your summer wedding, and in the Autumn you’re planning for April. So today, we are in the warmth of summer at Gaynes Park, one of my favourite venues. Sonny and Katie were very lucky with the glorious weather. In quite the contrast, #SYGMchristmas starts tomorrow afternoon. Eeeee.

photography | Frances Sales

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Six months to go…and sh*t just got real | uk wedding blog

Julia and Wayne tag

When we booked our wedding in September 2014, the year 2016 felt like a futurist time that we would never reach. But here we are hurtling towards the end of the year, with twenty sixteen literally weeks away and today marking just six months until we get married. How the heck did that happen?!

The lull in the wedding plans didn’t last long as today we picked up and started to hand out our wedding invitations. Three down, 72 to go…Read More

how to grow your own wedding flowers, and win a copy of Georgie Newbury’s new book| uk wedding blog

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Grow your own wedding flowers

Afternoon all, Rebecca went to the most beautiful afternoon tea at Clifton Nurseries on Wednesday (you can see pics on SYGM insta) to celebrate the launch of Georgie Newbury’s new book ” Grow Your Own Wedding Flowers’. I know that it is an idea a lot of brides may toy with, but get put off. This book helps you every step of the way, from choosing, to planting, to cutting and arranging.

grow your own wedding flowers

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Christmas Gift Beauty Edit – 30 under £30 |UK Wedding Blog

under 30 pirces

I know you love reading Phoebe’s 30 under 30 posts as much as I do, so I thought I’d take a little inspiration from her for this weeks post, which is a beauty gift guide of my favourite picks of Christmas beauty & makeup loveliness.Read More

planning the perfect engagement party |uk wedding blog

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We asked the lovely people at TheDiamondStore.co.uk if they had any tips on planning the perfect engagement party. I didn’t actually have an engagement party, we had a sort of joint family meal so that everyone could meet properly, but no party. I think 6/7 years ago it was still seen as quite the American tradition but I am so glad we have adopted this one. I agree with the gifting point though, I think there should be a no-gift policy, everyone is there just to enjoy a glass of something and toast your happiness.

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thirty under thirty #55 | uk wedding blog

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Morning all! As you may know, I do love a little bit of grey so this week you have a little bit of scandi-rustic-ness. Next week will see the first ever 50 under 50 exclusively for those subscribed. (I should probably start it now hey!??) Don’t miss out! I think I want all of this weeks items, especially that sleigh and the herringbone Zara jacket. And all the knitwear, can never have too much knitwear.

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We Got Married! | uk wedding blog


Hello all, I hope you are all keeping well and warm. It’s been an awfully long time since my last post, I was indeed an unmarried woman back then… So here’s my final post for SYGM with all the details and photos from our big day. I hope you enjoy!

photography | Foto Memories 

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a sweet, pretty wedding at a converted water mill in Dorset | uk wedding blog

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Morning!! How was the weekend? Mine was a total and utter fail but I will do a life update probably on Weds or Thurs this week. At least we are back in the world of pretty weddings? I think that is one thing I truly do love about my job, every week is filled with pure happiness and looking through hundreds of images can only ever make me feel joy! Shout out to Twobirds Bridesmaid dresses, a SYGM favourite and always look so so beautiful, of course it does help that Laura’s girls are all so gorgeous! Enjoy, and have a happy Monday.

photography | Kevin Belson

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