HealGel and other Friday loveliness | UK Wedding Blog


Happy FriYay! Hasn’t it been blooming’ goooorgeous lately?! I’m currently researching some SPF’s to get you ladies in the mood for honeymoon and other sunny loveliness. In the meantime I’m letting you in on a secret called HealGel. Part of the why I love my job is that I get sent things to try. I alway request these items as they’re products that 1: I know people would love to see on a regular chick, 2: I personally have a genuine interest in them and what makes them amazing. The items that are sent, in short, are not a bribe to get the companies nice words and lots of money. I write about them because they’re awesome, so from time to time I’m going to start imparting IMHO’s (In My Humble Opinion) about these products. Sort of sponsored posts without the emotional bribery ( chocolate and salted caramel treats are ALWAYS welcome, beauty companies ;) )

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thirty under thirty #34 | uk wedding blog


Afternoon all! I don’t know about you but I am deeply enjoying the vague whiff of warm weather we are having. This has proven thirty under thirty sourcing most difficult though due to clothes shops wanting to push all of this tatty faux boho/festival style clothing out far too soon! Unless Coachella actually took place in Brighton? Favourite things this week, the gold dip bowl, the bergamot set ( I am obsessed with bergamot, one of my faves) and I really want the decorative compass, because why wouldn’t you.

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a very romantic winter military wedding in North Yorkshire | uk wedding blog


Good morning you lovely lot. Another day, another beautiful wedding! It is meant to be the hottest day of the year so far, though I am guessing this doesn’t include Yorkshire, it never does. So it seems quite fitting to cool off with a gorgeous winter wedding. Sophie and James’s day is gorgeous, Sophie looks glorious in her gown (she also has to be the smiliest bride ever) and James looks ever so dashing in his military dress. I think my favourite detail of this wedding are the knitted hearts as favours/christmas tree decorations made my Sophie’s mum. Dedication!

photography by Laura Rhian Photography 

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Paperchase Launch New Wedding Collection, SYGM loves…

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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a fun crafty morning at Paperchase’s HQ {three floors of heaven on the Tottenham Court Road that you must visit} to look at the new wedding collection and take part in a class on making paper flowers. I’ve been a long standing fan of Paperchase and their huge range of pretty yet affordable stationery. This season is rather special and has everything you need to make your wedding beautiful. From decorative bunting to invites, thank-you cards to little glass jars, gift wrap for your bridal party, guest books and place names, Paperchase have it nailed.

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a glamorous 20s Gatsby wedding in Norfolk | uk wedding blog


Morning! Inspired by one of Laura’s favourites authors, they decided to have a Gatsby, 20s inspired wedding. The allure for Tom was the prohibition aspect, bath tub gins and mobsters. I mean, who wouldn’t want that. They managed to keep an element of fun throughout the day whilst adhering to the formalities of a catholic cathedral wedding, and a lavish wedding breakfast. The detailing on Laura’s dress is gorgeous, hats off to the mother of the bride too, she looks gorgeous!

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Booking a Caterer Without Losing Your Appetite! |uk wedding blog



Last week I wrote about keeping it real and getting a grip. Being part of SYGM and being engaged has really opened my eyes to a whole new perspective of the wedding industry, the people in it and how to go about booking suppliers. Today I’ll be blogging about our catering experiences.

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Bridal Vision


We are finally in April and Spring has well and truly sprung. We have lots going on wedding wise this month which is very exciting. Our wedding menu tasting is next weekend, we are attending a friend’s wedding reception and at the end of the month (on my birthday) I’m going wedding dress shopping! And I can’t wait but in the meantime here’s the latest instalment of my SYGMBride blog…

Any fellow wedding obsessive (whether engaged or not) knows that there is nothing better than a bit of mindless wedding TV!


If the people around you are sick of you harping on about your wedding planning then you can always find solace in a variety of wedding programmes from the sublime to the ridiculous.

I can claim to be an expert in this area if you don’t believe me just look at my sky plus planner! So here’s my guide to the best ones…

1. Don’t tell the bride
This has got to be the best wedding programme ever made and definitely my favourite. For those of you that haven’t seen it – it consists of men who seemingly have no clue about weddings or have never discussed their wedding day with their partners, planning the entire day with no say so from the bride. Queue expensive stag dos vs a hen do at Mecca bingo, bargain bin dresses and ridiculous venue ideas! Some of the worst but best I have seen included the groom and best men going to Thailand to buy everything for the wedding because obviously that would be cheaper….it wasn’t! A wedding in Vegas which could only accommodate 6 family members – didn’t go down well and almost didn’t happen and a stripper that cost more than the ebay wedding dress! Whoops! This is a great watch if you are feeling insecure about any of your decisions because at least you didn’t leave them all to groom!

2. Say Yes to the Dress
This one is a recent discovery for me. It’s on TLC and sees American brides shopping at Kleinfield Bridal aka wedding dress heaven. The programme follows the consultant picking out dresses for the bride whilst also contending with family politics. The budgets or ‘price points’ as they call them are enough to make your eyes water and fashion designer Randy is good for a laugh as he pokes his nose in on every appointment. Episodes are usually shown back to back which is great for some mind numbing viewing.

3. Four weddings
Four Weddings is the Come Dine with me of wedding programmes. Most of the time they are American. There have been a few english episodes but the American weddings are much more fun to watch. The idea of this programme is actually quite cruel – it’s basically bitchy brides commenting on and scoring each others weddings. I like it to simply fuel my wedding stalking habit!

I could go on – Big Fat Gypsy Weddings was a favourite of mine and I have caught Bridezillas (another American show) a couple of times. You can imagine what it consists of and I thought I was a bridezilla!! There is so much out there centred around weddings it can get overwhelming but also acts as a nice release from the reality of planning a wedding.

So next week I’ll get back to our wedding and tell you all about our tasting in my next blog…

The 5 Minute Face | UK Wedding Blog


How was everyone’s Easter!? It feels so bloody long ago now, I can’t believe it’s been a week and a day since I was swigging cava yelling expletives at the Isle of Wight superior quality WIFI that my Nan pertains. On that point of convenience brings me to my next one- see what I did there?… Now I love Make Up, and I know many of you out there love Make Up. But what happens when at 7am, you’re off to work/taking care of feeds/planning your wedding, NAY life; we don’t always have the time or energy to put on a full face in 20 minutes. SO I’m here to show you how to do it in 5.

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Exciting news: Prezola & The White Company gift list partnership | uk wedding blog


When I was planning our wedding we knew we wanted a gift list. Michael and I hadn’t lived together yet so we owned nothing apart from the odd trinkets I had picked up in sales, but I am pretty sure we could not live off or sleep on wool throws and pomegranate candles. We opted for John Lewis, but if we were planning now our choice would definitely be Prezola. They work with brands I love such as Cox & Cox, Le Creuset, Roberts, Fenella Smith, Diptyque and now The White Company. Everything you can wish for and more for your new lives together.  Continue reading

thirty under thirty #33 | uk wedding blog


Afternoon!! So this week I have gone semi tropical, zesty-esque. See, I can do colour. Yes there is still grey, I will never let go of that. I am loving the sunshine, not loving that I haven’t been able to get out as much as I would like to due to work load though. Friday is meant to be the warmest day of the year so far, so I am hoping to pack up and treat myself and Atticus to a picnic in the park. My favourite items this week, all of the cushions, the Tilbury pencil and that grey rug with the tassels! Continue reading