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As I mentioned when I wrote about our invitations, Ben and I opted to keep the print materials minimal and direct our guests to a wedding website to fill in the details. Neither of us know the first thing about creating a website, so we knew a template would be our best bet.

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It’s All About the Lashes ~ New Mascaras & LVL |UK Wedding Blog


This post may be a little photos-of-my-eyes heavy, but I’ve got a few new lash products to show you! There’s always times in the year when new products seem to come in clusters, and I seem to have accumulated a few new mascaras recently so I thought I’d show you some results, and tell you which ones I love best.Read More

The New Blanc collection from Grace Loves Lace | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Afternoon all! A little slice of wedding dress heaven as your lunchtime pick me up today, the new collection from Grace Loves Lace has finally dropped and oh my goodness, it is a goodun. I got the email through a week or so ago, got very excited but then saw that we could release the images until today! So happy I can finally share as I think there will be a gown to suit every shape, every taste and every style of bride. My favourites are the Soho and the Tribeca (above).

BLANC represents the girl who is seeking something classic, sophisticated and unique – it’s a collection that will intrigue and delight, not only lace lovers, but the lace skeptics.

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my summer edit with Prezola | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Morning all! Thirty under Thirty will be up this afternoon in the mean time I wanted to let you know a little more about Prezola. We are going to be working with them throughout 2016 (so exciting, can’t wait to share what we are going to be up to) and I just wanted to let you know why. They have been advertising with SYGM for a little while, when it came to the rebrand and rethink towards sponsors and collaborative work I knew that I wanted to keep Prezola on board. Not only have they been lovely to work with behind the scenes, I truly adore what they offer brides and I whole heartedly wish they had been around when I got married. Read More

a pretty pastel vineyard wedding in Surrey | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Goooood morning all! A very pretty Denbies vineyard wedding for you today (yes we can do them in the UK!). I think there is something so romantic about a vineyard wedding and thankfully Alex and Kate were exceptionally lucky with the weather. I am loving all of the pastel hues (of course) and the traditional visuals of the day in an untraditional setting. I hope you enjoy!

photography | Carl Glancey 

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a gorgeous Jenny Packham gown for a colourful London river boat wedding | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
river thames and roast london bridge wedding-49

Good afternoon all! Hope your week has started off well! We are in for a treat as we are featuring blog favourite Babb Photo. I have included how the couple met as I think it is a lovely story, that you don’t really hear of now due to the rise in technology based dating.

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Our top tips on hiring a wedding band | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Alive Network Wedding Band - 4Morning all! So, I first came across Alive Network in 2013 when I had started to blog full time. Since then I have seen their name regularly pop in my real wedding features under “The Entertainment” section, so if anyone was going to write about choosing a wedding band I knew that these guys would be able to give some excellent tips. I myself chose a band for my wedding and I must say, it was a little daunting at first (just like so much of the planning process) so I hope this helps break everything down for you. Read More

The Weekend Edit #32 | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Evening all! How has your week been? This week was good!


Monday we had glorious sunshine!! This meant getting emails done as quickly as possible so I could give the dog a good run around in the sun. I got an email from the estate agent (from last week) they had no offers during their open day on the Saturday and would be willing to take about 20k under asking. Still not enough for us to be interested so I think we have totally shelved that house and have focussed on the bathroom/log burner and kitchen renovation. Trying to get it all done before Christmas (Grand Designs style, winter is coming and there’s no roof on).


Tuesday was a very productive day actually, I blogged up all the posts for the rest of the week (very unlike me) ironed ALL the shirts and dresses, and cleaned the house top to bottom. I find Tuesdays are now super productive as I try and avoid thinking about my CBT the next day. Silver lining I guess? Had a lovely spanish chicken stew for dinner. There is something so wonderful about a sofa dinner. I am pretty sure I watched The Good Wife.


Wednesday as always, CBT day! However it is now always take away and film night! I find that really helps me through the prospect of a stressful therapy session. We recently discovered Ecco Pizzeria  (if you’re in Leeds, have a look!) and had that again for our naughty treat. CBT is going well I think. It is hard to gauge at the moment, we are still building up my hierarchy of anxiety inducing situations from lifts, to planes…it is all on there. I

f any of you would like me to go in to any more detail about CBT then let me know as I am happy to discuss I just know a lot of people probably aren’t bothered. Every week I fill out a questionnaire before each session, the first page is dull but it goes on to ask about my general levels of anxiety in different situations that week. Last week they were all pretty low. High Five.

IMG_8884 IMG_8881

I had the Mexican pizza. Guac, spice and meat. Watched The Big Short finally, it was so so good!!

Thursday I was very well behaved and did so many odd jobs that needed doing. I know that a lot of people can often think the life of a blogger is easy (and don’t get me wrong it is not all) but what I struggle with is that it is non stop. It is just 24/7, there is never any switching off. And if you do want to just have a night/day off you either have so much to do in advance or, always have a mound to catch up on the next day of really small little bits and bobs. Kind of maintenance work. So I managed to reply to ALL the emails I needed to for the week and enjoy some brownies I had ordered via Instagram. How 2016. They were insanely delicious. My favourite flavour combo of rose petal, turkish delight and pistachio (maybe some cardamom next time Bea?!).


Friday was frustrating but I had an end goal of gin. I had been emailing a marketing company regarding some other work for a few weeks and at the end of the email she wrote that I “should really be more professional on my snapchat”. Now, I think out of my peers I am definitely the most unprofessional. Everyone else is very polished and definitely has their “blogger persona”. Which is totally fine and obviously works for them. I just have never been interested in that, mainly because it is an extra effort in my day that I just can’t be bothered with. The content on my snapchat is definitely nothing untoward, it is me living my life. Drinking, eating, breathing. The content on there is often the same as my twitter and instagram. I have a specific work insta now for SYGM to add a little separation. I mention my snapchat tag in my twitter bio just in case anyone wants to follow. These marketing companies ask for us to be real people and share their products in our lives but want to dictate how our lives look? No thank you. I replied saying that I wouldn’t be changing how I act on any of my social media and if they felt that didn’t work for them then I was very happy to part ways. Bye Felicia.


Anyway!!! I met my oldest and bestest friend Katie for drinks at 5. Then my sister joined later on. It was a little messy. There was drunken Jenga aka Tension Tower (hello copyright lols). It was so good to catch up with her, I think we had been friends for about 25 years now. I have known her since primary school and she was maid of honour at my wedding.



Saturday was just lovely. After spending the day recovering and cleaning the house. I got ready to go to the cinema with my sister. We of course had pre cinema gins in our favourite place.

Really wanting to paint house in this colour. Thinking the living room after log burner disruption? Hague blue I reckon?


It was a small vintage type cinema in a parochial hall. The building was built in the late 1920s and really, not much has changed in there. My sister and I grew up in Stamford and our nearest cinema was in an arts centre (built early 1700s) but it had the same kind of nostalgic look and smell. There was a snooker hall on the top floor and a working mens club type bar. Everything was so reasonably priced and the Leeds made Northern Bloc ice-cream was delicious. The cinema is run by volunteers, so at the interval I offered my services to them (was thinking social media/blogging etc). It was predominately elderly ladies and gentlemen there (which just added to the quaintness). We watched Far From the Madding Crowd (I had seen it before but Lili hadn’t) and throughly enjoyed. We then went for more gin.


Sunday as you know is my favourite day of the week. A lovely dog walk, peony buying, visit to the pub to play cards (gin rummy) and then a roast. I am writing this up whilst my bath runs and I will choose a film to watch whilst in all the bubbles. This week was good. I did things I don’t usually do, felt OK about it all and had a super time. Hope this week coming is just as lovely! I hope you are all enjoying Married May, it has been so lovely seeing all your plans and weddings so far. Remember that there is still time to apply to be a blogger for SYGM.


Totally buying this shrub for the garden!

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