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Finally!!!! Here you go, many apologies for the delay, social life taking over for the past couple of days as Michael and I celebrate our 4 years with friends and family. This post was half fuelled this morning before a meeting by berocca then this evening by champagne, I am surprised its not all Christmas items, glitter and dog emblazoned paraphernalia…oh wait. What we wanting this week? Loving the hooks from West Elm!  Continue reading

an autumnal, handmade vintage wedding in Norfolk with an Alice Temperley gown | uk wedding blog

Becky Joiner My Fabulous Life

Sometimes I properly countdown to when I am blogging a wedding and this is one of those. Mainly because there is Temperley and Packham (I am a sucker for a British designer that never fails to deliver) and it is just perfect for this time of time. The pumpkins, the foliage, the flowers, the candles, the moody wood panelling (oh how I adore wood panelling) and the gorgeous photography.  I promise you will adore this wedding. So much time and love has gone in to collecting lots of unique vintage items and it was all planned in 5 months! Cat and Dan also took their time to source lots of local suppliers, something I am very passionate about so make sure you have a look if you are getting married in beautiful Norfolk!

Photography by Becky Joiner at My Fabulous Life 

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thirty under thirty #16 | uk wedding blog


At this very moment in time Rebecca (there will be a proper intro post on her when she gets back) is waking up in the Caribbean (there will also be a huge post on this as Sandals kindly sent her out there to test out a honeymoon for you guys, tough life). You can follow her on my instagram @phoebewedding and hers @rvk123. She is doing little vlogs and photo uploads till Sunday, then she has to return to dull, grey, cold England. Whilst out there she will be meeting up with other wedding bloggers from the US/Europe.

Anywho!! On to today’s thirty under thirty. I finally got to add in one of my favourite beauty products of all time, the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. It is usually £32.50 but John Lewis has brought the price down to £29.25. I also couldn’t resist adding in a Monty penguin (whenever I hear penguin I now think of Cumberbatch saying Pengweng) Continue reading

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Ergh, these guys. How gorgeous do Charlotte and Matthew look? I love Charlotte’s choice of bridesmaids gowns, so unusual but suits their wedding so well. Also, we need to talk about the shoes. Heavenly Christian Dior, and perfect for her something blue (as is her nail colour). I also totally wish I could pull off a forehead band.

Photography by Georgie at Happily Ever Captured

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East meets West at a Lympne Castle wedding | uk wedding blog

1405_Lympne Castle Wedding Photographer_096

Morning! Lympne Castle is one of my favourite venues, I love its grandeur and the ease at which the rooms lends itself to weddings. The families travelled from California and Malaysia to be part of Pete and Chloe’s beautiful day, and I loved how much their family were part of the wedding, right down to the delicious favours being made by the brides mum. What’s more, this beautiful wedding falls under the 10k category.

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Savoy Wedding Photography Experience with Olympus and a camera giveaway | uk wedding blog | #sygmwinter


Hello, it’s Rebecca here. You might have seen Phoebe introducing me on Twitter and Instagram, I’ve been attending the London events that SYGM has been invited to over the past few weeks, but this is my first official post on the blog!

(no idea why some images are the wrong way, seems to just be on mobile view, sorry!)

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a teacher themed back yard wedding with a maggie sottero gown| uk wedding blog

A People Photographer

Morning! I hope you had a good weekend? I love that the temperature has properly dropped up here in The North. We had a rare weekend with nothing planned so we caught up on TV/films and so many little jobs that needed doing round the house.

Can I get away with calling this a back yard wedding? Is that mainly an American term? Is garden better? This beautifully floral heavy wedding took place at Amy’s family home (dans le jardin), it had a teacher theme running through the day. Also, Amy’s family friend made every inch of bunting…that must have taken so long!!!

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gift inspiration with The White Company | uk wedding blog


Dome Tealight Holder

Buying gifts can be hard, whether its for a birthday or Christmas. But I always find it especially hard for a wedding. Most people have a gift list or ask for nothing (money/honeymoon types pffft). But for some reason I just can’t turn up empty handed so I always pick up a little something. I want to the gift to be something practical and helpful, something that wont add clutter, and something that may be perishable so if they don’t like it, it wont be around forever. I asked the lovely ladies at The White Company to list their best sellers for some inspiration.  Continue reading

Thirty Under Thirty #15 | uk wedding blog



Sorry today’s is a bit later than usual, I had been getting bad headaches all week and just had to stop working yesterday halfway through putting this all together. I gave myself a lie in and a morning off, and just finished it now. I know you will forgive me, because today’s involves Christmas goodies. And ya know, what ya gonna dooooo about it?

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a sweet filled London wedding with a boho bride| uk wedding blog

Mr & Mrs Frost  St Pancras wedding (54 of 101)

We are taking another trip to Islington today! Sara and Dan wanted to keep their New Zealand and British backgrounds as part of the day, they used sweet treats from each country, family photos and flags. Sara found her photographer via pinterest, so take note, it does work! Get pinning.

I hope you have a fun Bonfire Night. I think we will go out for stew, and mulled wine, then see some fireworks in the park. I just want to smell the smells. Love me some sulphur.

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