Beauty Favourites Friday – The worst products I’ve used | uk wedding blog

beautyfails-800x510 copy

You may or may not know that I like a rant or two. In the past year or so my already out of control make up buying habit has spiralled. I blame bloggers. All of them. In this time I have become annoyed with four products that my trusted bloggers sold to me as being revolutionary. I happily handed over my money, and became increasingly frustrated. Was it the product or me? Why do they love this so much? WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS TO ME? I came to the conclusion that the products were either shit or I was using them wrong.

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thirty under thirty #3 | uk wedding blog


Hello all! Thirty treats for this rather gloomy Thursday, well it is up here. Pretty sure summer is over for us. I am a naughty blogger, I can’t help buying something off each Thirty under Thirty and if you check my instagram later you will see what I bought from the #1 edit as I will be wearing it for dinner this evening. 10 SYGM points if you guess what it is. This week I have been obsessing over that hungry caterpillar cushion but I am not sure I can buy one without having a child, wouldn’t it look odd?  Continue reading

a stewart parvin gown for a fun english countryside wedding | uk wedding blog

Chrissie and Will for Phoebe (124 of 203)

Afternoon all. A beautiful real wedding for you, Chrissie is wearing a gorgeous Stewart Parvin gown and I love the colour of the TwoBirds Bridesmaids gowns, one that I don’t often see but photographs beautifully. I love getting back the couple questionnaires mainly because I am nosey but there are certain bits of the day that doesn’t come across through photos, such as, Chrissie and Will offering a free bar but asking for donations to a cause close to their hearts. Often a lavish affair, I always love reading how couples give a little back on their wedding day.  Continue reading

top 5 summer cocktails | uk wedding blog

summer cocktails header

I remember when it came to choosing food and drink for my our wedding, I knew that drinks wise I didn’t want champagne on arrival. In truth I am more of a Prosecco fan and I think its one of those drinks that a lot of people sip on whilst hating it. As it was in November I opted for mulled wine. We had reception drinks outside and after photos post ceremony, the warm spicy wine was heavenly.  Continue reading

a chic city wedding for under 10k | uk wedding blog

Dean and Maisie-174

When you start your day and your week with a Babb Photo wedding, you know it is going to be a good one. Laura’s originality when it comes to photography is something I really admire about her, she has such a great eye and I always enjoy a Babb submission as I know it will always be beautiful and unique. You can always spot a Babb wedding.  Continue reading

[ 26/7 - The Weekend Edit ] | uk wedding blog

Weekend Edit July

I hope you have a lovely weekend. That cherry and rosewater macaroon tart looks absolutely incredible doesn’t it? I will be picking up everything to make it this weekend so make sure you’re following me on instagram to see how that turns out. Just click the images and they will send you where you need to go.  Continue reading

Thirty under Thirty #2 | uk wedding blog


Morning all! It is Thursday, and that now means that it is thirty under thirty day. Last night I put up on twitter what I was particularly loving from this weeks and it is these pleated maxi skirts from Dorothy Perkins, they come in the most beautiful colours and are so reasonably priced. I am really looking forward to seeing how this feature changes throughout the year as they have been very summery so far.  Continue reading

what’s in season now – summer flowers | uk wedding blog


We are with the wonderful Jay Archer this afternoon, discussing some common flowers and foliage available during a British summer time (most of which are also very easy to grow yourself!!) I know I may break some hearts, I know that as a blogger I am meant to live and breath peonies but, I actually prefer roses. I love their scent and colours. I am exceptionally fond of a peachy/pink or a delicate white, or a really big plump tea rose that smells of heaven.

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introducing Melanie Potro | uk wedding blog


Morning! Double post today but first, the blogs newest sponsor. Melanie Potro, London based bridal boutique. Not only can you shop for beautiful gowns, you can also tap in to Melanie’s skill and create a gorgeous bespoke gown, with prices starting at £2000.  Continue reading

a stunning italian beach wedding | uk wedding blog

Italian beach wedding photography-94

This is exactly what we want to see on a day like today (its beautiful ooop north!) this makes me yearn for long warm nights, lots of bread and cheese (I sadly can’t eat either), and wine (I can drink a lot of this though). The fantastic Laura Babb absolutely nails this wedding, she has captured the glorious Italian light to perfection.   Continue reading