a homemade, retro cherry blossom filled wedding | uk wedding blog

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Good morning! Oh my, this wedding. Cherry blossom heaven! When Rosie and Dan’s day landed in my inbox it ticked everything I look for in a wedding. Happy faces, lots of flowers, pretty images and cute personal details.

photography | Cat Lane

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why you need a silent disco at your wedding | uk wedding blog

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I have a friend planning a festival wedding for next year and she has just decided on a silent disco tent. At first I kinda thought, “whats the point if everyone can’t hear the music”. She said it was some of the most fun she had a Reading a few years ago. There are a few reasons why you might want a silent disco as part of your wedding celebrations. I got in touch with Silent Disco Direct to explain further…Read More

a relaxed and elegant, ‘non-wedding’ wedding | uk wedding blog

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Katy&Omaran www.purplepeartreephotography.com-819

A pretty wedding with a non-wedding type theme today. Katy and Omaran wanted their day to look smart and elegant without looking too wedding-y. They threw several traditions out of the window (why not!). Katy was 13 weeks pregnant, wasn’t given away, and didn’t carry flowers (instead she ended up carrying her toddler) and looked every inch the beautiful bride, no cake, no bridesmaids. I really enjoyed putting this wedding together and reading about their day.

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The Weekend Edit #39 | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

This has been one of those weeks that has flown by and I am not quite sure where it went. Or what I did. Nothing of significance thats for sure. Still feeling a little bit iffy but nothing some good food and sunshine can’t solve. We have paid the deposit on the kitchen and started buying everything to be sent over to the kitchen makers. I ate a lot of avocado on toast this week. And I am still sugar free. Read More

A relaxed and pretty “Made in The Midlands” themed wedding | uk wedding blog

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Good morning all! Totally back on track with weddings and blogging in general now. I love it when a couple makes their day unique to them, Alex and Sam embraced their love of their home counties and had Midlands themed wedding (to be honest, it educated me on how much The Midlands has offered to the UK!). I just love the idea of passing the Cadbury every day. Hope you enjoy!

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Review of Carmen Salon Glamour Curls | uk wedding blog

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I get sent quite a lot of products to review and as you will notice, not a lot make it on to the blog. I tend to do quick first impression type videos over on my snapchat (phoebemillerz) and if I like them I may add in to a blog post/insta pic at a later date when I have used what ever it is a few times properly. When this little curling contraption arrived I was exceptionally intrigued. As you will probably know, I have a lot of hair, actually 5 inches less after a recent hairdressers trip. I am also very precious about my hair, so when I read the instructions on the curling product and it involved inserting my hair and letting it automatically curl it…I was exceptionally wary shitting it.

There is a real wedding up in a few hours, then my weekend edit up this evening. Hope you have a great Monday, and let me know if you want more reviews like this! Read More

theBalm New Summer Makeup Launches |UK Wedding Blog

You all know by now my love for theBalm – and it’s been great to see it growing over the last year or so in popularity and accessibility (as so it shouldRead More

The Italian wedding | UK wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Holly

Hi guys – long time, no speak! I landed back in the UK yesterday after a week-long trip to Southern Italy for my cousins wedding. My cousin and his bride had their ceremony at the Cloisters in Sorrento with an amazing reception a short ride away at a private house with balcony overlooking the sea. The weather was blue skies and sunny and the whole day was really amazing. I’ve included a few pictures I took whilst out there in this post.

A couple of days after the wedding (we needed time to recuperate – leaving a karaoke bar at 3am post-wedding will do that to you!), we headed to the Amalfi Coast where we stayed in Positano and travelled up and down the coast to Amalfi.Read More

Thirty under Thirty #71 | uk wedding blog

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Evening! I am quickly sliding this post in ahead of Holly’s blog update this evening. There nearly wasn’t a 30u30 this week but I managed to move something so I could sit down and find some pretty things for us to lust over. I am lovvvving the Zara silk body suits. It looks so pretty on the website, have a look. Also wanting the flamingo T-shirt and the green shirt. So many more autumnal colours creeping on to the websites! Also wondering if those Bare Minerals powders are like the Hourglass ones but a fraction of the price.

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The Weekend Edit #38 | uk wedding blog

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Afternoon all! My goodness, isn’t it gorgeous and warm. I didn’t realise we were on for a heatwave this week. Trying to rearrange a few things so I can go out with the dog tomorrow and enjoy it! This week was definitely split in two, half v good, half v dull. Another week sugar free though. Will update at the end of the post. Read More